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We are on a MISSION

... to use neuroscience and game dynamics to help people learn how to motivate themselves to be more productive, engaged and connected.  Empowered individuals create effective teams and resilient organizations.  Through a levelled learning system combining intrinsic motivation, emotional intelligence and whole-health, we connect and engage individuals, teams and organizations.  YouEQ helps leaders create a differentiated employee experience 

and have FUN doing it! 

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YouEQ games and products can be implemented individually, or combined to form the YouEQ League, a comprehensive package for organizations seeking to create a differentiated employee experience and a powerful shift in connection, engagement and productivity.  

Train "Champions" in your company who train others to apply and practice YouEQ games and gain skills in intrinsic motivation, emotional intelligence and team culture.  Our YouEQ mentors and resources guide the implementation in a staged approach through regular workshops.   

With a few simple steps leaders can now create an environment where employees motivate themselves.




Analytics & Assessment Games

iMQ is our proprietary analytics platform to identify and measure employee intrinsic motivation profiles.  i.AM.os is a Train-Your-Brain game to reinforce learning about the unique iMQ personality and share this with team members. 


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training Games

Conversational EQ (CEQ) is our Train-Your-Brain Game System to teach emotional intelligence and apply it to powerful conversations. Train “Culture Champions”, use emotional intelligence and help leaders make an immediate impact on your culture.


Team Culture

Qulture Quest measures six dimensions of organizational culture and identifies areas to focus on. It helps leaders quantitatively measure changes in their team's productivity and engagement in just 20 minutes a week! 

YouEQ Resource Experts

The YouEQ curriculum integrates neuro science and game dynamics to Train-Your-Brain and empower themes of intrinsic motivation, emotional intelligence and whole-health. We draw on years of knowledge and experience of many experts within these fields.