Emotional Intelligence Skills for 2019 & Beyond

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What is Emotional Intelligence & So What?

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The success of YouEQ is attributed to the teams unmitigated commitment to JOY. Through the collaboration of numerous leaders with unique life experiences, talents and passions, we created an optimal environment to generate this innovative solution—supporting people around the globe to discover their Joy through conversation, connection and community.



Synthesizer, Founder

I share bucket loads of JOY with 3 kids, 7 grandkids, 2 grandpuppies and a multitude of friends and colleagues. Discovering JOY to be the cornerstone of life, I built YouEQ to help others discover their JOY and expand it into, and throughout, their communities. My corporate experience combined with recovering from a 3000 ft. fall down a mountain exposed me to multiple elements that contribute to personal performance—none as powerful as JOY! Making JOY a habit helps leaders create an environment where people motivate themselves. Learn more about me on LinkedIn



Game Changer, Founder

Armed with a passion for finding creative solutions to any problem and for games of all descriptions, I am charged with creating YouEQ as an engaging, innovative, leading edge personal and professional development platform. I integrate extensive research and experience in the areas of emotional intelligence, mental health and performance and organization development with my extensive knowledge of game dynamics to create this powerful series of games and training. Learn more about me on LinkedIn 



Master Trainer

As a two time Olympian and mother of two elite athletes, I contribute a depth of wisdom and experience of the ‘high performance metality’ as I support students and trainers in the YouEQ Platform. As an accomplished coach and motivational speaker I inspire people to live life with an expanded awareness and tap into their Joy. I am committed to helping transform lives. Learn more about me on LinkedIn


Beyond the subjects included in the YouEQ platform, the expansiveness of this endeavor requires us to seek advice and guidance from experts in other realms of developing a business of this nature. We have had the great fortune of attracting some world class experts in multiple fields to advance this initiative. 

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AN COPPENS, MBA, Gamification Design Master

Advisor- eLearning, Game Development

I contribute years of experience and wisdom to amplify the impact of the YouEQ Game Platform. I am the recipient of several global awards recognizing me as an HR Tech Visionary and eLearning specialist. As the Chief Game Changer at Gamification Nation Ltd, I lead a team that offers gamification solutions designed to encourage winning behaviors and improve business results in the areas of sales, marketing, HR, learning and productivity. Learn more about me on LinkedIn

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Advisor - Business & Technology, Sales & Marketing

I join the YouEQ Advisory team as a Business Mentor, Sales and Marketing Guru and Social Good Interloper. I bring along two decades of experience selling, growing company revenues, and bringing technology and business solutions to market. I am a proud member of RainForest Alberta. Learn more about me on LinkedIn

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Advisor - Financial Matters

i am a seasoned financial professional with a passion for serving the complex needs of high-growth, innovative, entrepreneurial business. Benefiting from years as a partner with both PWC and Deloitte Canada, i have gained diverse experience working across Canada and the UK. I contribute to YouEQ as a creative problem-solver, strong communicator, and supportive leader. Learn more about me on LinkedIn