Mode Summary

Those intrinsically motivated in this manner have no issues with organizational structure or even an institutional approach. To grow, being organized is necessary—from people to systems and most importantly, execution. Pressure is intrinsically motivating—“How can this be bigger and better?” These people are ‘Builders'—whether it has to do with organizations, personal goals, family plans, or even actual physical structures—building something is intrinsically motivating. Pressure isn’t only intrinsically motivating, it can serve as a great tool to elevate productivity in others and the team as a whole.

Corrective Complex

“I must exercise authority to lead others” - Leadership is always an asset to advance in anything. One can even go so far as to say all success—personal and professional—rises and falls on leadership. Yet, being intrinsically motivated as a leader can become Corrective Complex. This’s when leadership skills are consistently being used to correct and direct others. Often, true leadership authority, doesn’t appear authoritative at all. This is where the concept of servant leadership becomes key to maximizing this intrinsic motivation.

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