Can Emotional Intelligence improve performance—professionally and personally?

SixSeconds published results from a study that demonstrated the impact EQ can have. 

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Leaders, Managers, Entrepreneurs and Parents
understand that emotional intelligence (EQ) is important.

The question is ...


The Conversational EQ Game System 
is an easy and fun place to start! 


Emotional Intelligence - One level at a Time 


Conversational EQ is a multiple level system integrating neuroscience and game dynamics. Each level increases in difficulty—building concepts in a progression. This helps our brains associate learning emotional intelligence with a rewarding game experience—enhancing the retention of skills. Conversational EQ methodology applies to all ages—from children up to executives. It is used by psychologists, executive coaches, professional trainers, parents and educators. 

Each level advances EQ skills by addressing a unique area. Here's what we cover...

  • Emotional Intelligence Basics, Corrective Complex, Collaborative Change
  • Vibratory Frequency of Emotions and the Prime Six
  • SOAr and H.E.A.R.T.S Technique
  • Conflict and Feedback

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