Mode Summary

Cognitive style people have no problem accepting the statements and opinions of others, however ensuring any claim is validated—using accurate information—is important and motivating. Research and analysis are also motivating—in every subject of interest. They see communication as much more effective when all the details are presented with precision. When others are “loose” or even way off with the information, it can be quite demotivating. Their preference is to present all options and educate others on the potential decisions. No need to impose when someone is teachable.

Corrective Complex

“I must be right and have all the information” - The saying that “knowledge is power” is often very true—especially living in a knowledge-driven economy. Yet, knowledge can lead to Corrective Complex where we’re always teaching and turning everything into a lesson. This can rob people of joy when constantly learning they are wrong or are missing some intellectual standard. Even worse, Corrective Complex here can lead to information being manipulated out of insecurity or in seeking an advantage.

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