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online self-paced training

This is for people who have experienced YouEQ through a webinar, demo or workshop and have a desire to introduce YouEQ to their community or join with an existing community.

A Cohort is a self-organizing group with a passion for learning more about Neuro-Gamification for emotional intelligence.

As a Cohort you become a member or leader of a self-organizing group. The cohort model represents a method of teaching and practice that combines experiential learning with peer-coaching. This is a community where members collaborate on marketing strategies such as events, presentations and webinars. It is through a Cohort that you gain access to YouEQ Products and Training.


  • No prerequisites


Understand certification and join a Cohort.

During this level of training you will:

  • Understand how to join an existing Cohort or start your own as Cohort Leader

  • Understand the responsibilities of a Cohort Leader

  • Understand the YouEQ Certification process and begin this journey

  • Receive preferential pricing on card decks and training

  • Collaborate with a like minded community to promote training and events

  • Begin to make money with YouEQ Platform and Products

Making money

  • Collaborate with Cohort members to begin training your community on neuro-gamification


During this level of training will receive the following:

  • Instructional video, audio and text lessons

  • Community interaction and support


To complete this level you will:

  • Join an existing Cohort or start your own Cohort


Upon becoming a certified COHORT choose to up your game to Level 3 - games master.