Mode Summary

People with connective style of motivation are intrinsically motivated to influence and persuade others. “Never met a stranger,” is one way to describe their capacity to build social networks. Their contact list is robust and the phrase, “I know a guy who knows a guy,” is pretty common. To them, relationships always represent opportunities. Connecting networks is motivating and can be highly lucrative, however the purpose is always people. Communicating with all parties for collaboration is intrinsically motivating.

Corrective Complex

“Others must like being around me”- Being connective, naturally, means being likeable and there are many advantages to being wired for high degrees of relational connection. Yet, this can lead to Corrective Complex, which is expressed here by constantly getting people to like being around us. We can spend all our time fixing, healing, teaching and even directing people to maintain social circles (social media can be particularly harmful here). These relationships become inauthentic and shallow at best. Accepting the fact that one cannot be liked by everybody, and there’ll even be some that we downright rub the wrong way, is the best place to start.

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