Augmented Reality Social Role-Playing Game

YouEQ is an interactive, self-directed learning platform integrating health sciences, social networking and digital media to optimize individual potential.

The fundamental elements of whole health are bolstered through game modules to facilitate learning from science-based facts, tools and trends as developed by credible experts and leaders in these fields.

The game begins by focusing on the individual—honing self-awareness and understanding. As the player graduates through game levels, they expand from individual into a team member, an influencer and a leader. This aligns the individual within themselves, the organization and the extended community.

Learnings are applied outside the game and are supplemented with access to subject matter experts and coaches to further apply, practice and develop life skills. Measurable outcomes from the game can be tailored to corporate indicators. 

Become Your Best with YouEQ

Body, mindset, emotional intelligence, purpose and passion... your training journey begins here.

The YouEQ app is a real time social role playing game with a goal of motivating each person to become the best versions of themselves. You interact in real time with members of your team and mentors assigned to train you.

You have been hired as a middle manager for YouEQ's fictional organization in a futuristic society. You and your team all start on the bottom floor.

The objective of the game is to learn culture and leadership skills so you can get you and your team promoted and move up to ever more vibrant levels. For this you will be embarking on a training journey to learn and execute for points.

Meet AvaEQ

AvaEQ is your virtual assistant. You will share your progress with her and receive key insights from her. How you earn points and how fast you and your team are promoted is up to you. AvaEQ is with you every step of the way. Let the fun begin.