The YouEQ Experience

Leveraging the science of game dynamics to foster high functioning individuals and dynamic teams.

YouEQ is a platform consisting of numerous inter-related strategies to help organizations increase productivity and profitability. Fundamental elements of performance are bolstered through game dynamics to facilitate learning from science-based facts, tools and trends. 

The YouEQ platform includes a leveled learning structure that directly addresses each component of functionality. In addition, the platform provides a dashboard for leaders to monitor the progress of their teams across the following six cultural dimensions:

Creativity, Capacity, Connectivity, 

Cognition, Collaboration, Cohesion



STEP 1 - IMQ Assessment:

Understanding Intrinsic Motivators is a key element of success. This phase identifies the participants unique motivation style and builds awareness of how to use this information within their work/life experiences. 

STEP 2 - i.AM.os Cards

A facilitated process of small team interaction that reinforces the participants use of their primary and secondary intrinsic motivators and builds awareness of their team members motivation modes.


Expands emotional vocabulary and self awareness helping to deepen emotional intelligence and strengthen conversation skills. Through expanding emotional intelligence and advancing conversation skills, participants will come to understand the unique qualities of other people and how to communicate effectively to establish powerful interpersonal relationships.

STEP 4 - YouEQ App

Participants are provided a challenging on-line game experience reinforcing skills developed in IMQ, i.AM.os and CONVERSATIONS That …. New adventures will move the participants into self-awareness and self-regard by focusing on integrating other areas of health such as nutrition, hydration, stress management, sleep and mindset.