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The depth and breadth of subjects covered in YouEQ products requires us to reach into the greater community to access experts in all realms of personal optimization. As this is a collaborative tool, our community is continually growing.

Michelle Giangualano
As a two-time Olympian and mother of two elite athletes, Michelle became a passionate health crusader. Her journey began with the physical bodytraining and nutritionhowever she quickly realized how interwoven our lives are. This caused her to reach far beyond the physical and incorporate emotions, mindset, purpose and passion into her coaching practice. As an expert in multiple disciplines, Michelle is an incredible source of wisdom for the YouEQ platform. 

Michelle's company, Bundles of Energy is the leading authority for earth-inspired living as well as a comprehensive resource and support system. Her mission is to make whole food and healthy lifestyle choices obvious, simple and universal.

Ed Kang
Ed brings to YouEQ his gift of integrating Content, Context and Community for brilliant results. He is well known for executing digital marketing content strategies across multiple platforms. As an award winning animator and game developer, Ed is well versed on game dynamics and their power to impact learning and rates of retention. He is an expert in intrinsic motivation and clearly understands its importance in optimizing the potential of people.

Ed is the creator of MDNAa platform based on the social science of intrinsic motivation that promotes individual and organizational transformation.

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Michelle Hargreaves
An ICF Certified Professional Coach and Facilitator with a style that is holistic, objective and whole hearted. Michelle has extensive training in multiple modalities including; Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument, Myers Briggs, Thomas Kilman Instrument, EQ-i2.0, EQ 360 Emotional Intelligence and HeartMath. She integrates these into her coaching practice helping her clients experience profound results in all aspects of their lives.

Michelle's areas of strength include leadership presence and brand development, resilience, communication, emotional intelligence, difficult conversations, team development and building trust. You can discover more about Michelle at Hargreaves Company Inc.

Shamir Ladhani

Shamir brings a vast range of expertise to YouEQ. With his designation as a Reiki Master and Licensed HeartMath® Coach and Trainer he supports people to transform fear into fuel, shift reality and unleash the power of heart-wisdom. As a professional engineer, his previous position as VP of Planning and Asset Management with a large utility firm has him well positioned to provide management consulting services to organizations.

Through his company, Panther Power Corporation, Shamir is recognized as an international speaker, and focuses his abilities to help business owners overcome personal and staff challenges and improve their decision-making capability. 

Stevie Stanger

A young professional with a passion for health at all levels of life. As with many others, she experiences increasing levels of stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and believes it take guts to be healthy. Certified in Holistic Nutrition, she focuses her practice on 'gut health'—impacting all realms of life through digestion, immunity, hormone balance and the gut brain connection. By improving these pathways she helps her clients impact physical, mental and emotional well-being—bringing vitality to all areas of peoples experience. As a Reiki practitioner, Stevie moves beyond the physical, managing energetic interference with her clients. 

A strong desire to help others improve their experience has Stevie recognized as an impact speaker for United Way. Through her company Holistically Radiant Corp., she extends her reach to serve a larger community.

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Dietrich Desmarais
The lead executive and life coach Dietrich brings over 40 years of experience in coaching, teaching and speaking to the team. He is a certified executive coach, experienced speaker, published author and talented facilitator. Using his years of study Dietrich focuses on 19 brain science skills and helps organizes peoples chaos. Through Emotional Wealth Management Inc., he shows people how to deal with unresolved toxic pain that impairs decision making and blocks peak performance. 

Dietrich is highly sought after by senior executives, organizations and audiences around the world.