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online self-paced training with live cohort sessions

This is for coaches, trainers, facilitators, executives, leaders, teachers and consultants who want to provide a differentiated experience for their clients.

As a YouEQ Games Master you demonstrate your ability to play and lead others using Conversational EQ levels I and II.

Participants will expand their emotional literacy, developing a robust emotional vocabulary and enhance their emotional resilience and emotional agility. Introduction to 'Corrective Complex' and 'Collaborative Change' contribute to the skills of empathy and collaboration.


  • YouEQ Certified Advocate


With this level of training participants will:

  • Understand the importance of Neuro-Gamification for learning and retention

  • During this level of training you learn the following:

    • To engage in whole-brain thinking

    • The art of permission and inquiry

    • To move from monologue to dialogue with open questions

    • Read the intricacies of facial expressions

    • Embrace the neuroscience of empathy

    • Understand corrective complex and the impact it has on relationships

    • Move to collaborative change

    • Integrate skills to be able to play games effectively

    • Shift emotional states using 'JOY'


  • Receive monthly commission for all purchases made using your personalized referral link.

  • Certified to deliver 2 workshops/webinars for a fee you negotiate with your clients

    • Emotion Skills

    • Collaborative Empathy


During this level participants will receive the following:

  • Conversational EQ Level I Card Deck – Emotion Skills

  • Conversational EQ Level II Card Deck – Collaborative Empathy

  • Instructional video, audio and text lessons

  • Daily Joy Qoin challenge

  • Online Q&A, game play, community interaction and support

certification requirements

To complete this level you will:

  • Pass an online exam

  • Submit three favorable peer evaluations for Level 1

  • Submit three favorable peer evaluations for Level 2

  • Attend 3 live online game play sessions

  • Lead games on at least 1 online game play session

COST - $297

Upon becoming a youeq GAMES MASTER you can choose to level up to Level 4 - yOUeq tRAINER.