Mode Summary

With this motivational style every opinion tends to be black or white, up or down, in or out, or right or wrong—with no room for anything in between. These opinions are often rooted in deep personal convictions. These people have the ability to assess a situation and come up with insights, conclusions or opinions very quickly. This leads to quick solutions and in some cases snap judgments. Chaos is an opportunity for them to organize patterns, insights and strategies. As a fierce competitor winning is important, however how the winning occurs is equally important.

Corrective Complex

“I must fix this problem and only I can” - Yes, fixing problems can be a strength. But not everything—or everyone for that matter—is a problem that needs to be solved. This is especially true with one’s own problems. Always being in Corrective Complex can cause others to focus on the minor negatives rather than the major positives. Learn when to say, “It’s not my problem,” and be OK with not being part of the solution.

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