Self-as-Instrument Quotient (SiQ)

—focusing on emotional intelligence and intrinsic motivation skills.

At the current pace of the world and the rapidity of change that is upon us many find themselves in situations where they make the choice to play an active part in achieving a new vision. This requires change and change is not easy for most.

We must choose to use our skills, abilities, expertise, tools and strategies in deliberate and thoughtful ways to influence others and create a new future.  In short, we must use ourselves as the instrument of change, a concept often referred to as self as instrument.

SiQ brain coaching is a very specific process based on a combination of neuroscience and gamification. We call this “neuro-gamification". This is a powerful strategy to help you navigate through emotional blocks and barriers, identify your unique motivators and hone skills necessary to empower you as an instrument of change—yours or others.

There are three reasons this would be for you.

You Are Frustrated and Stuck?

The first reason is considered obvious. Have you ever felt sick and tired of being sick and tired? This happens when we are frustrated and stuck in our lives. Most likely you have tried many other forms of “intervention” yet find yourself in the same patterns and situation. This is where brain coaching can be particularly effective.

Get Your Brain Working FOR You Not AGAINST You

This second reason is not always so obvious. Many people think they get frustrated and stuck in their lives because of a lack of skills, confidence, motivation or life circumstance. Yet few take the time to consider that the challenge may be biological in nature. Advancements in neuroscience and psychology have taught us that the brain can be trained to work with us—when often it is working against us for a myriad of reasons.

Freedom, Mastery and Purpose

This is a big one. Although we consider this coaching, this program is not designed to be ongoing like other coaching models. You are here to learn a set of skills and then apply those skills on your own for continual success. Instead of being in an indefinite coaching relationship, you will learn how to manage three important psychological needs, for yourself, based on our understanding of intrinsic motivation. These are:

  • Autonomy – The freedom to make choices and act on them

  • Competence – Mastering a skill for your own benefit.

  • Psychological Relatedness – A greater sense of purpose in life.

Emotional Circuit.jpg


YouEQ has developed a four-stage brain coaching system to achieve transformational results in very short periods of time—sometimes within minutes. This is based upon an understanding of how different parts of the brain work in different situations.



Our brains are constantly cycling through these four stages. And the faster this circuit completes a cycle, the healthier and more emotionally mature we are. The issue is that, for many different and valid reasons, our brains can get stuck at one stage.

  • Attachment - "Do you have Joy to be with me?"

  • Assessment - "Is this good, bad or scary?"

  • Alignment - "Can we relate?"

  • Identity Activation - "Who am I? Who am I responsible for? What is our purpose? How do we live out this purpose?"

This coaching can get you unstuck.

Our brains develop one stage of this cycle at a time—in sequential order. When we are born, the parts of our brains for stages 1 and 2 are formed while the center for stage 3 is only partially complete. Right from birth, our brains begin to develop stage 1 based upon non-verbal facial expressions from the mother. This happens in the first 18 months. Children then seek the faces of both mother and father together. While there are various opinions, it is generally accepted that our brains are fully mature around the age 25. This is when stage 4 of the brain coaching circuit can be complete. But the reality is, even though our brains are fully developed, we will spend a lifetime growing in emotional and relational maturity.

The Stage 4 Mistake

One common mistake in today’s leadership coaching and training is the expectation that stage 4 can be immediately achieved. It is proven that we simply cannot activate our identities when our brains are stuck at previous stages. We must take care and make sure our brains are healthy at every stage using the right coaching to ensure we do not get stuck.

In this coaching program you will navigate and learn effective skills for each stage in order. And guess what? You’ve already begun stage 1 just by being and sharing with your coach!

Set yourself up as a powerful instrument of change—for your person life, your professional life, your partner or you children. Everyone is dealing with change.  START NOW!