Mode Summary

People with this motivational style are experience-driven—the right experiences provide the deepest sense of fulfillment. Managing one’s own experiences, and how those experiences occur to others is a major intrinsic motivator. Being intuitive is natural and instinctual. These people see, not what is, but what it could be when the fullest potential is fulfilled. This is a form of innovation that refines what already has been created. Those with this intrinsic motivation often find complete strangers sharing their deepest feelings and life stories without any prompting. “You’re just so easy to talk to,” is common feedback.

Corrective Complex

“I must make the sacrifice for others to be happy” - Having a high degree of sensitivity and internalizing the feelings of others can become great foundations for sympathy and empathy. If not managed correctly, this can turn into Corrective Complex. When in Corrective Complex, the knee jerk reaction will be trying to fix and heal others through various levels of self-sacrifice. This can look like broken boundaries, enabling and rescuing victims, or always accepting a position of weakness. These forms of self-sacrifice can stunt one’s influence and favourable standing with others. All personal efforts eventually seem futile. Although we can always make a positive contribution, the happiness and fulfillment of others should never become our responsibility.

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