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Master Q: Leadership EQ 101


Research studies demonstrate that humans vibrate at varying frequencies when operating from different emotional states. The lowest reported human vibratory frequency being 'Shame' and the highest 'Peace' or 'Enlightenment'.

This vibration analysis reveals that the emotion of 'Courage' represents a pivot or "tipping point" between expanding and contracting states of emotional consciousness.

Moving down from 'Courage' the emotion of 'Pride' begins to contract into the unpleasant emotions of what we call the "Prime Six". These emotions are 'Anger', 'Disgust', 'Fear', 'Sadness', 'Hopeless Despair' and finally 'Shame'.

On the other hand, the emotion of 'Trust' begins to expand into higher frequencies such as 'Love' and 'Joy'.

Developing emotional intelligence and agility creates the capacity to move from contracting frequencies of the Prime Six into expanding frequencies of 'Joy' and subsequently 'Peace'. This is where leaders and coaches can develop EQ-based tools to conversationally shift—themselves and others—from 'Pride' to 'Trust', using the emotion of 'Courage'.



  • CEQ - LVL 0 P6CC: Prime Six Emotional Scale
    • 3 passed evaluations
  • CEQ - LVL I EQTunement: Corrective Complex, Collaborative Change
    • 3 passed evaluations
  • CEQ - LVL II SOAr: Summaries, Open Questions, Appreciations, reflections
    • 3 passed evaluations

Training the EQ Circuit

The human brain can be trained to complete a four stage circuit using emotional intelligence. The more optimized this circuit, the faster individuals can move themselves from 'Corrective Complex' to 'Collaborative Change'. Understanding the difference between grey and white matter of the brain, EQ skills can become EQ habits operating at 200 times the speed. But individuals that get "stuck" at a specific stage cannot achieve full emotional and relational maturity. 

Training this circuit requires 'EQTunement' and 'SOAr' mastery—one stage at a time. With each stage of the circuit representing a different system in the brain.

  • Stage A: ATTACHMENT – Thalamus & Nucleus Accumbrens
  • Stage B: ASSESSMENT – Amygdala
  • Stage C: ATTUNEMENT – Cingulate Cortex
  • Stage D: IDENTITY – Prefrontal Cortex

LEQ 101: Motivation & Influence

In LEQ 101, leaders and coaches will learn to use Conversational EQ skills of 'EQTunement' and 'SOAr' to intrinsically motivate others towards 'Collaborative Change'. This is achieved in conversations, without the use of CEQ cards and without the 'coachee' having any experience with Conversational EQ. VFM-A is designed to be fluid and organic. The potential applications for LEQ 101 are vast, such as:

  • Business Negotiation
  • Teamwork & Chemistry
  • Training & Mentoring
  • Effective Networking
  • Marriages & Parenting

Trainers and coaches that learn Method A will be authorized to instruct others in VFM as a standalone product or part of a package, at any desired price.

Certification Details

  • LEQ 101: 2-Days 16 Hours - $995


  • Master Q LEQ 101: 10 Practice Sessions with Feedback

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“90% of top performers have high emotional intelligence"

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“Organizations with gamification in place improve engagement by 48% and improve turnover by 36%"

— Aberdeen Group

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