Qortex Certification Membership

Over 12-months members will be Certified in the
Qortex Circuit Emotional Maturity Framework
as well as the Neuro-Gamification Platform
including all YouEQ Products

This will include Science and Research Theory and the application of this in Game Play and Game Training

Training will be completed during a 2-day intensive event where your skills as a Games Master will be developed and tested.
(additional charges may apply)

COST - $297 per month for 12 months


ISDA Membership

Integrative Sports Development Academy members will join with other athletes to develop a Championship Mindset. Throughout this membership, athletes will be continually monitored using the Qortex AI Platform and train their brains to optimum capacity using YouEQ’s Neuro-Gamification products.

This will include a PeopleBest Assessment
Monthly AI Sports Report
Weekly EQ Lessons for Athletic Performance

COST - $97 per month