The 7 motivators are innate to all of us—just in differing degrees. Through our Motivational EQ game, players will begin to see aspects of themselves emerge, forming a motivational pattern. Learning about the patterns at play in one's life expands
self-compassion and self-concept clarity.

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A Credible History of Product Development

Ed Kang, developer of YouEQ's games, is the creator of an intrinsic motivation assessment and analytics platform called MDNA Cloud. The MDNA assessment has been taken by over 4,600 individuals representing every continent in the world. Users report a 94.40% accuracy rating of their assessment. Over 84 companies have used MDNA Cloud for employee engagement and analytics with a high degree of success.

Using this foundational experience, YouEQ has recognized the opportunity to integrate neuroscience, gamification and intrinsic motivation to provide self-clarity.

Drawing on Edward L. Deci and Richard M. Ryans concept of "Self Determination Theory", YouEQ has derived 7 unique motivational styles.