How will YouEQ help organizations/employers?

The game is drawing on numerous ‘evidence-based’ tools and strategies that on their own have shown to improve productivity and engagement. YouEQ pulls all these together into a unique delivery system. Game dynamics have been proven to increase learning and retention rates. Together, this approach will have a lot of science to support the potential impact. As YouEQ evolves through beta testing and the early adopter phase we’ll be collecting statistics of our own to support the unique impact of this tool. There’ll be assessments completed every 3 months for each COMPANY to track specific metrics of engagement and productivity. There’ll be assessments completed every 3 months for each PLAYER to track specific metrics of health and vitality.

YouEQ will disrupt the discouraging stats on employee engagement and boost functionality and productivity. This will lead to more accurate career planning, better on-the-job relationships, improved hiring practices, greater employee effectiveness, outstanding leadership, increased sales, better customer relations, and effective change management. YouEQ is a fun and effective platform to enhance organizational culture and boost employee engagement and productivity.


How will YouEQ help individuals?

YouEQ will help individuals develop all aspects of themselves—physical health, emotional intelligence, mindset, purpose, passion, as well as expanding personal empowerment through identifying personality, communication, motivation and learning styles. With this expanded awareness of themselves they will be challenged to apply this knowledge to other people in their environment thereby empowering them as dynamic team members and leaders. Evolving as the best version of themselves will apply to all aspects of their lives—inside and outside the corporate walls.


Is the game experience generic or different for each player?

Each player will have a unique experience with YouEQ. By understanding of tools and strategies people will be naturally drawn to the ones that will serve them best, helping them create a customized adventure. What YouEQ provides is an effective platform to deliver knowledge and experience with numerous tools and strategies so people can consciously choose their own development cycle. Players will be challenged, within the game, to explore all aspects of themselves and accumulate points to level up. This will encourage them to create themselves as whole beings.



How long will each session of the game be?

We anticipate player involvement being 15-30 minutes/day. Each level of the game will take an average of 6 weeks and we currently have plans to develop 5 levels. The players will therefore work through these levels in about 8 months. Industry opinion suggests there will be new levels that evolve as the game unfolds however this will not be known until we’re well along the development cycle.

Are there activities to be done on personal time?

When players learn a strategy within the game they’ll be encouraged to take it out into their real world and practice it. This will apply to work and personal environments. People breathe consistently throughout the day—whether on work time or personal time. Movement stimulates energy flow, clarity of mind, focus, creativity etc. Why would they not take 5 minutes at any time of day to accomplish this. It’s our intention to integrate peoples lives so there isn’t a separation between how they honor themselves on work time or on personal time. With these new skills, people will experience an expansion and empowerment in all aspects life.



Would people from the same departments compete with groups from other departments?

We will strongly promote cross culture connection to weave a strong fabric throughout the corporate culture. This is far preferable than enforcing the creation of silos within the organization.  Teams will either be chosen anonymously or with conscious awareness. By this I mean players may team up with avatars based on certain criteria without knowing who the real person is behind the character.






How do you manage the privacy of employees?

The privacy of players is taken very seriously. All sharing of information will be transparent and agreed to by the player.

Have you considered potential ways player might cheat or not participate?

The game development will address many of these points and eliminate obvious loopholes. We acknowledge that there will always be cheaters in the world and choose not to dedicate too much time on that aspect. Our focus will be on promoting the personal benefits of participation and inspiring people to devote their whole being to this opportunity. The purpose of YouEQ is not to have people do this work for their ‘employers’ but to do it for the intrinsic benefits they will receive for themselves. It’s up to us to communicate these benefits in a clear and inspirational way. The YouEQ program will involve regular in-person events (lunch & learn style) where people will get reconnected to the importance of this program.



Is there a chance of someone failing at the game?

If players participate in the game I don’t see how they could fail. Some will excel as we see in all aspects of life and emerge as leaders for the game as well as multiple aspects of their life.

How will the game format be received by multiple generations in the workforce?

Games have been a part of life since the beginning of time—baseball, golf, hockey, card games and more. The psychology of game dynamics applies to any and all of these and every generation participates. There is a lot of science showing the effectiveness of game dynamics on learning and retention. Newer generation are more comfortable with on-line games as this is the environment they grew up in. Evidence demonstrates NewGens prefer full graphic display to fully engage them in the gameplay. It also shows that many members of previous generations prefer the presentation of the game to be in more of a dashboard style. Development of YouEQ will accommodate both aspects through a user profile to ensure all players optimize their experience. It’s possible that players may be able to toggle between full graphics and dashboard displays.