Transform Your Communication Skills, Habits and Relationships

This is a journey to deepen yours and your children’s Emotional and Conversational Intelligence.

YouEQ offers a Fun Fast Effective way to develop these skills which, when applied properly have an incredible impact on all relationships—including those with your children.

Using the YouEQ Neuro-Gamification Platform, you will train your brain to work the way nature intended—simply by playing games. In this step-by-step learning experience, you will have fun developing new and powerful skills through card games. These are more than just a game, they are the foundation for training your brain, and that of your children.

You will practice these new skills in a way that WILL create new, appropriate and healthy behaviors—for you and your family.

This course series is designed to create optimal results in your life. Conversation styles and patterns of behavior that are familiar to you will begin to shift—being replaced by a bond-building framework for communication. By retraining your brain, you will be well on your way to deepening your own emotional resilience as well as that of your children.

An important note: Expanding self-awareness is not meant to create judgement about who and how you are, nor is it meant to create judgement towards anyone else.

Your mission is to accept what you discover about yourself or others with love and compassion instead of judgement.

Your mission is to let go of “fault and blame” as you become more self-aware—creating genuine space for change.

This will take Play and Practice! So, let’s get going.

Game On! 

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