Orange Belt Training

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4-Hour Interactive Workshops for up to 24 people

In this foundational level participants will be introduced to the basics of Intrinsic Motivation. They will delve into Self Determination Theory and discover unique elements of themselves expanding their Self-Compassion and Self-Concept Clarity.


During this workshop you will learn the following:

  • Concept and impact of Self Determination Theory

  • Importance of autonomy, competence and relatedness

  • 7 unique motivational styles

  • Identify which style brings you JOY

  • Discover the preferred style of team members

  • How to apply Motivational EQ to relationships—personal & professional

  • Power of self-compassion & self-concept clarity versus self-esteem

Each participant receives a deck of cards and comprehensive workbook to enable them to apply these skills in multiple areas of their lives.