The YouEQ Platform supports games and resources designed to develop intrinsic motivation, emotional intelligence and team engagement skills


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The YouEQ Platform leverages neuroscience and game dynamics to empower individuals to motivate themselves and contribute to high functioning teams and resilient organizations

Transform Employees into Champion Teams

We Feel Your Pain

Leaders are facing unprecedented challenges managing a multi-generational workforce. There are high levels of workplace stress and anxiety causing health-related issues.  Executives are experiencing declines in engagement and productivity while increasing financial investments in traditional solutions.

Why Should You Care?

Organizations around the globe are seeking to create a unique employee experience. Our leading-edge, research-based products make work FUN by leveraging intrinsic motivation, emotional intelligence , and healthy habits.


Our Solution

YouEQ helps leaders create an environment where employees motivate themselves. Through a leveled learning system combining intrinsic motivation, emotional intelligence with whole health and delivered using game dynamics, we connect and engage your workforce.  Our products are stand alone, or may be combined into a layered corporate experience called YouEQ League.


Why is YouEQ Unique?

We have many technical differentiators from the psychological frameworks we use, to the integration of neuroscience and game dynamics.  The best part is how it all comes together to train-your-brain for intrinsic motivation.

NeuroScience + Intrinsic Motivation +
Emotional Intelligence + Whole Health

Delivered with Game Dynamics

1. Analytics & Assessments


iMQ is our proprietary analytics platform to measure employee intrinsic motivation. Assessing  all employees, provides insights on how engaged your workforce is  and how they can best be motivated.

2. EQ Training

Conversational EQ is our suite of Train-Your-Brain games for emotional intelligence. Train “Culture Champions”, teach emotional intelligence and help leaders make an immediate impact on your culture.

3. Team Culture

Qulture Quest measures six dimensions of organizations culture and identifies areas to focus on. It allows leaders to generate a team scoreboard of intrinsic motivation and engagement. 

4. YouEQ Custom App

As part of YouEQ League, every company is provided a private customized app to run a champion team cultureaccording to its own unique guiding principles and core values. See real case studies demonstrating how we've used the entire YouEQ platform to generate ROI for companies in today's competitive marketplace.

5. YouEQ League

YouEQ League is a suite of YouEQ products layered together to create a differentiated employee experience and a powerful shift in your organization.  Train "Champions" in your company to train others to apply and practice YouEQ games and develop skills.

Reasons to Join Us

“90% of top performers have high emotional intelligence"

— TalentSmart

“Organizations with gamification in place improve engagement by 48% and improve turnover by 36%"

— Aberdeen Group