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EQ Parenting Webinar


Join us for a FREE 60-minute Webinar introducing

EQ Parenting Playground 

The purpose of the EQ Parenting Playground is to provide parents with leading edge tools and training, enabling them to empower their kids to THRIVE in any situation they encounter in life.

This webinar introduces the concepts covered in the 
EQ Parenting Blueprint—the first in a series of online programs. 

During this webinar we cover 3 main points…

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence and the importance of it

  • Moving from reacting to responding

  • Changing habits, the easy way—by training your brain

The next launch of the 8-week EQ Parenting Blueprint begins on February 19th and runs through April 16th.

For participants that register prior to February 19th we are offering a 55% discount on the course.

Please join us for the this Webinar and share it with your networks

The next live webinar will be held on 
Thursday February 21st
from 7:00 to 8:00 MST

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