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Why Explore This With Us?

“90% of top performers have high emotional intelligence"

— TalentSmart

“Organizations with gamification in place improve engagement by 48% and improve turnover by 36%"

— Aberdeen Group


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The YouEQ Game Platform is divided into a five stage process to help companies use neuroscience and gamification to develop skills necessary for success in the future workplace.

Experience our Fun, Fast and Effective to engage your employees, connect your workforce and stimulate powerful, productive conversations.

Here's what you need to know... 

  • 90 minute interactive training

  • Includes introduction to Neuro-Gamification

  • Participants will experience the power of YouEQ games

  • Prepare to experience life differently

  • Recommended for groups of 4 or more people

This Will Be Live & Interactive

Prepare to Play Games In:

Emotional Intelligence

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Conversational EQ is our multi-level series of training games for emotional intelligence.

Intrinsic Motivation


Motivational EQ is our discovery game  to assess intrinsic motivation and team dynamics.

What Participants are Saying

“I never thought about asking someone permission before I vent to them about something, how incredibly selfish of me. I can now see how stressful that must be for someone on the receiving end.”

“ I never realized I was so insecure about myself.”

“Gave me the ability to see what others are dealing with and know that everything is not about me all the time.”

“Made me realize there are more emotions than just happy, sad, mad.”

“Helped me understand what I need to be responsible for - emotionally.”

”I have witnessed better communication between certain staff. Relationships that were strained are communicating better and more harmony. Some staff are more open minded to constructive criticism and less defensive.
— Westwind Communities - Calgary
I attended the YouEQ Event in January and would highly recommend it to anyone. The training exceeded my expectations, leaving me inspired and motivated to implement my learnings in both the workplace and my personal life. Our trainer, Ed Kang, was absolutely fantastic with his seamless delivery, clear explanations of concepts, and excellent take-home examples that can be immediately put into practice.

I now feel quite strongly that gamification can help increase productivity and emotional connections between different personality and role types – this training is most certainly worth your time.
— Mona Khorassani - Secure Energy Services