ProActive Parenting Blueprint

Over 8 weeks you will begin training your brain to operate in an entirely different way—an enhanced way that will open lines of communication, empower relationships and make life a whole lot more FUN. Conversation styles and patterns of behavior that are familiar to you within your family structure will begin to shift—being replaced by a bond-building framework for communication. You will learn and implementing the following…

  1. Make space for emotions - moving past right/wrong, good/bad, positive/negative

  2. Language of Emotions - expanding your emotional vocabulary

  3. Using your brain as nature intended - right brain function, left brain function and whole brain integration

  4. Lost art of permission - when and how to ensure others are engaged in what you are saying

  5. Power of asking questions - how to deepen the connection and learn more from conversations

  6. The biggest conversation mistake and how to transform this into empowering conversations.

  7. Moving from monologue to dialogue - empowering relationships and creating collaboration.

You could apply this simple, step by step
and in a few short weeks


1.    Enrich communication and connection within your family

2.    Elevate your children’s mental and emotional resilience

3.    Increase everyone’s emotional agility