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CEQ Membership


Experience the funnest, fastest, most affordable way to improve emotional and conversational intelligence skills. By playing the specialized games in this series you will make EQ a habit—leveling up from basic emotional skills to a powerful conversation framework. You will learn how to work through emotional triggers and much, much more.

This membership is packed with content—video tutorials, online game play, monthly challenges, and community interaction.

COST - $97 per month


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EQ2iQ Membership

Social Emotional Learning for Parenting

Adding to Conversational EQ skills we introduce specialized games for developing minds. This includes age appropriate to help children from 4 to 12 develop both emotionally and socially. Starting with an assessment of where you child is now, we take them on a journey of game play to develop unique skills that will serve them as they mature. Periodic reassessments lets you know how your child is progressing.

This membership is a continuing education level, additional to the Conversational EQ series above. In order to enroll in EQ2iQ, you must be actively enrolled in Conversational EQ.

COST - $47 per month


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TEQ Membership — COMING SOON

Interactive Games for Team Dynamics

Based on a foundation of Conversational EQ, your team will experience a new game every month that will connect your workforce, build a dynamic community all while engaging, inspiring and motivating each member.

COST - $297 per month


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PEQ Membership — COMING SOON

Integrating Performance Assessment and Games

This is the membership for ‘High Performers’. Based on a unique performance assessment, YouEQ introduces a powerful game experience that takes you from where you are to where you strive to be—all by playing games.

COST - $97 per month


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Premium Business Coaching

Do you want to spread the JOY?

Join our global community of elite YouEQ Certified Trainers and bring these exciting games to your communities. For Corporate Leaders, Agents of Change, Parents, Teachers and Athletic Trainers, YouEQ is a GAME CHANGER.

And we want to train you to change the world for those in your network.

COST - $497 per month



YOUEQ Training Sessions

Work with a YouEQ Certified Trainer for a more personalized journey to mental health and performance. We offer small group sessions as well as individualized sessions. Connect with us to learn more about this added support.