Online Training Platform

Train at your own pace, on your own time. Join others in our online communities and enjoy developing emotional and conversational intelligence using our neuro-gamification platform.

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Interactive Workshop Circuit

These 5 unique workshops take participants through Emotional Circuit Training. Players level up from White Belt through Blue Belt as they advance skills in emotional intelligence, intrinsic motivation, team dynamics and leadership performance.

Each workshop takes place over 4-hours and can accommodate 24 people. Participants recieve a deck of cards and comprehensive workbook.

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Trainer Certification

Do you want this accessible to large groups within your organization? Let us train your people to deliver this content. Then you only have to buy the course material from us and you're on you way.

This is also offered to Coaches and Trainers who work with multiple clients. Partner with us to bring these skills to the masses.

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For each stage of the Emotional Circuit we offer a 4 session coaching package. These are aimed at teaching clients to apply these strategies on their own to move through obstacles blocking their success.

Each package begins with a free Discovery Session.

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