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In this 12 week training session you will…

  • Learn the meaning and appreciate the value of Emotional Intelligence.

  • Be introduced to neuroscience brain training to improve emotional intelligence.

  • Gain an understanding of the Seeking System.

  • Engage in Whole Brain thinking.

  • Recognize Corrective Complex and the impact it has.

  • Learn and practice the Conversational Mechanics of Feelings, Asking Permission, Genuine Inquiry and Empathy

  • Practice Collaborative Empathy 

  • Learn how to quickly shift from Monologue to a Connected Dialogue using our Collaborative Change model

  • Shift emotional states using ‘JOY’

  • Leave with a renewed confidence in your communication and interpersonal skills.

COST - $297
per month for 3 months


Upon achieving Level I Certification, trainers can level up to
Level II - Collaborative Conversations.

Membership can be cancelled after 3 months.