Mode Summary

Resourceful style people are versatile and can fit in anywhere. They are highly functional, especially in start-up scenarios because of personal versatility. This is the reason individuals with this intrinsic motivation style can be difficult to recognize and pin down into a specific role. When the reward outweighs the risk, there’s no issue in making an upfront investment for future potential. However, this must be done based upon the right balance of instinct and information. Being generous is important however charity should give people a hand up versus a hand out.

Corrective Complex

“Others must need me for my resources”. Being resourceful has great advantages—particularly in providing others with necessary resources to realize their value and potential, which can create a legacy. This can quickly turn into Corrective Complex when one is constantly trying to use their resources, such as money, to fix, heal, convert, teach or direct others. In many instances—individuals intrinsically motivated to be resourceful—can mistake the giving of resources with authentic acts of love. A continued pattern of this Corrective Complex can lead to shallow relationships that revolve only around one’s resource contributions. This demonstrates the biggest difference between being intrinsically and extrinsically motivated. There is a way to appropriately balance both motivations.

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