Mode Summary

This is the Servant leader which is servant first. It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Meeting the tangible needs of others first is intrinsically motivating and very appreciated by others. Servant leaders have a strong feeling of support or allegiance which is the type of loyalty that every team and leader desires and needs. They may be challenged with saying “No” and need to be careful that others don’t take advantage of their willingness to always help.

Corrective Complex

“I must make others successful before I am” - Servant leadership is made up of two components. Being of service builds a platform of success underneath others—often putting their success first. However this can become a form of Corrective Complex where always serving others comes at the expense of one’s own physical, emotional and spiritual needs. At worst this becomes a “peace at any cost” or “saviour” mentality and can lead to personal and professional stagnation.

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