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The success of YouEQ is attributed to the benefits of shared leadership. Through the collaboration of numerous leaders with unique life experiences, talents and passions we've created an optimal environment to generate this innovative solution.


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"To synthesize is to combine numerous things into a coherent whole" and that's Brenda's role on the YouEQ team. She is the visionary for YouEQ and has a skill for attracting the exact talent required and inspiring these people to connect and contribute their wisdom to the project.

Calling on over 20 years experience as a finance executive, business strategist and an expert of whole life health and vitality, Brenda contributes to the strategic direction, business structure and content of the platform. 

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Game Changer

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Ed is charged with creating YouEQ as an engaging, innovative, leading edge Game Universe. Understanding and identifying intrinsic motivators and training emotional intelligence are both key component in optimizing the potential of people and Ed draws on his expertise in these area as he develops this game experience.

As the creator of the MDNA software platform Ed integrates its features into YouEQ. MDNA is a framework based on intrinsic motivation for individual and cultural transformation featuring employee engagement and business analytics.

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Michelle contributes her depth of wisdom as she creates and directs the adventures of YouEQ. As an accomplished coach and motivational speaker she inspires people to live life with an expanded awareness. Being a two-time Olympian and mother of two highly active young athletes, Michelle is committed to helping transform lives.

Michelle launched Bundles of Energy in 2009 providing a series of programs designed to make earth inspired living attainable for everyone.

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With a degree in Cultural Anthropology, Stevie knows cultures—whether they are within countries or companies—she's the expert. Having traveled the world studying cultural differences Stevie contributes her expertise in the intricate dynamics of group interactions. 

Stevie is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and helps empower people through her company, Holistically Randiant

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Kelli Lopushinsky

Kelli is dedicated to creating a powerful business strategy for YouEQ. Her experience as part of the strategy development team with UBS Investment Bank and Boston Consulting Group spans several industries and geographies. She focuses on developing key insights and driving strategic change.

Her talent shines with one-on-one interviews, focus groups and workshops targeted to elicit feedback and input on strategic objectives.

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