White Belt Training

Empathy & Collaboration.png


4-Hour Interactive Workshops for up to 24 people

In this introductory level participants will expand their emotional literacy, developing a robust emotional vocabulary enhancing their resilience and adaptability. Introduction to 'Corrective Complex' and 'Collaborative Change' contribute to the skills of empathy and collaboration.


During this workshop you will learn the following:

  • Emotional intelligence basics and the impact it has in all areas of life
  • How the 'Seeking System' inspires motivation, engagement and creativity
  • How to engage in whole-brain thinking
  • The Neuroscience of Empathy
  • About Corrective Complex and discover the impact it has on relationships
  • How to move to Collaborative Change
  • The art of permission and inquiry
  • How to use emotional attunement
  • Moving from monologue to dialogue
  • To shift emotional states using 'JOY'

Each participant receives a deck of cards and comprehensive workbook to enable them to apply these skills in multiple areas of their lives.