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We Feel Your Pain

Executives are experiencing declines in engagement and productivity while increasing financial investments in traditional solutions. With leaders facing unprecedented challenges managing a multi-generational workforce, there are high levels of workplace stress and anxiety.

Our Solution

YouEQ helps leaders create an environment where employees motive themselves. Through a leveled learning system delivered using game dynamics YouEQ combines emotional intelligence and intrinsic motivation to connect and engage your workforce.

The YouEQ Model

Recent research has revealed the pervasive lack of employee engagement may not solely be a problem with motivation or generational workforce. The problem starts with human biology. In fact, today’s modern management techniques are deactivating employee brains, specifically, the part of the human brain called the seeking system. When this system is activated, we feel more motivated, purposeful and zestful.

Today’s workplace and management systems thwart the seeking system. Policies to control, standardized performance metrics, incentives, punishments, promotions and competition, deactivate seeking systems in the brain and activate fear systems. 

The YouEQ platform works with games, activating the seeking system of the brain to increase enthusiasm, motivation and creative capacity

Workshop Circuit Training

The Corporate Workshop Circuit Training has 5 levels which are addressed by our multi-level game platform. YouEQ offers a 4 hour workshop for each level of this system. During these workshops participants will learn how this system works and experience games developed specifically to address each stage of this emotional circuit.

4-Hour Interactive Workshops

Each workshop is for up to 20 people and includes a deck of cards and comprehensive workbook.

  1. Yellow Belt - Empathy & Collaboration More...

  2. Orange Belt - Communication & Influence More...

  3. Green Belt - Emotional Freedom More...

  4. Blue Belt - Team Dynamics More...

  5. Red Belt - Conflict & Feedback More...