YouEQ Establishes Qortex Institute with Global Synergy University

We are proud to announce becoming an accredited institute with Global Synergy University. The Qortex Institute for Performance EQ & Neuro-Gamification will seek to advance our research of brain training and game dynamics to teach emotional intelligence skills for GSU students.


GSU’s mission is to provide an international competence-based and adaptive learning platform that integrates corporate training, professional certifications, expert mentors and American university degrees to educate the next generation of global leaders.

Qortex is based on YouEQ cofounder Ed Kang’s testing of YouEQ products and training in China since June 2018. The board of GSU invited Ed to apply YouEQ research and understanding of the Chinese market for students pursuing their Master’s and Doctoral degrees. Ed was also invited to serve as the Executive President for GSU and sees this as an opportunity to integrate the strengths of each organization to maximize reach and impact.


Working with GSU, we will provide YouEQ certfied coaches with opportunities to do business in China and gain valuable exposure from international markets. Current plans are to integrate certification opportunities and cohort residencies starting in early 2010.

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